Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10.05.16 DAY 12

I woke today feeling tired, but happy.  I wanted to have a spring in my step but my spring wanted to go back to bed.  Unfortunately I had to pack and eat breakfast before the recap meeting at 9.  During breakfast I gave Joel my last name so he could look me up on Facebook.  I told him I was going to watch El Topo and would want to talk to him about it afterwards.  Joel is nuts about Jodorowski.  We retired to the lounge so I could check my email one last time for any changes to my flights.  Joel is friends with someone in Helmet, who just released a new song.  He played it for us.  It was good, though I’m not super into Helmet.  Joe came in and joined the conversation, which was nice.  He’s a pretty funny guy.

9 rolled around and we met up in the maloka. I would be sharing first since I had to leave in a bit.  I recounted my tale and Joe and Cvita both seemed very happy with my progress.  They said I seemed full of light and confidence, and i agreed,  I felt like I could fly.  I always thought  that was a strange expression, but now I get it.  Everyone else started sharing but I soon got called to leave for the airport.  A couple times Joe mentioned reading and manipulating people’s energy during the previous night.  There was mention of Maestra Maria doing it too.  Joe said he related to my tale of the big black tentacles enveloping me when he was rescuing me, though on his end it was like a giant black snake trying to eat me.  There really is so much more to this than "tripping out".  I genuinely hope that the west opens up more to this sort of treatment.

I hugged Lieke goodbye, gave my last name to Damien so he could look me up on Facebook, and told Jason I was pulling for him (he was having a really tough time).  Joel walked me to the motor carriage and we said our goodbyes, hugged a couple times and high-5’d.  I’ll miss him.

I did my best to “be in the now” and enjoy my ride through the jungle and through Iquitos to the airport, but I was sad to be leaving and excited to be going home.  Thankfully there were no “get out and push” incidents.  Some of those mud puddles were really smelly.

The flight to Lima was uneventful.  I remember Cvita saying you could see Nihue Rao from the plane, but I didn’t remember to look in time.  I did, however, see some structures on top of some mountains. I wondered if it was Machu Pichu.  

I decided there was no way I was going to spend my ten hour layover in the Lima airport, so I got a room at the Costa del Sol hotel, which is basically part of the airport.  I used the opportunity to take a long hot bath, both to ease my weariness and I was kind of smelly.  I was still covered in “flower bath” and I’d been puking all night, after all.  After that I sent out some messages so folks knew I was on my way home, then spent a few hours updating my journal.  I have time now for a 1 hour nap before I have to get to the terminal.

When I woke from my nap my head was in a complete fog.  I was having a difficult time concentrating and I had no idea how long my alarm had been gong off, so I started to panic.  Thankfully I was ok on time, but I still just couldn’t get my brain to work right.  I did get to my flight on time after a lot of difficulty, however.  

The short version of the rest: 
plane, smelly lady next to me. 
George Bush airport :[
I hate the TSA. 

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed being back in the world.  Not to mention exhausted and irritated from 24hrs of travel.

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