Friday, September 30, 2016

10.03.16 DAY 10

Last night I had to urinate but it was raining pretty hard and I didn’t feel like trudging through it to the bathrooms, so I decided to go off the porch into the sand.  It was really dark and with the rain no one would see.  I positioned myself between the handrail supports and stepped up to the edge when I felt spider webs all over my junk… I flipped right out!  I was jumping around swatting and wiping at my privates like a mad man.  I quickly went back into my cabin and grabbed a flashlight to inspect for crotch spiders.  I had a good laugh about it afterwards.  I hope the whole ordeal didn’t disturb my duplex-mate, Natalie.

I got out of bed this morning and did some tai chi and practiced the bo for a while.  We’re back on the plant medicine today, so I was planning on skipping breakfast, but I didn’t have a bowel movement yesterday so I ate 3 apples instead.  I’d like to clear things out before the ceremony tonight.  I don’t like having to get up from my mat.

I didn’t bring any shaving stuff with me so my face is getting pretty shaggy and my neck itches like crazy.  That combined with the super low calorie intake I’ve been getting, I’m going to look like an emaciated cast away when I get back to civilization.  I’m really ready for this diet to be over.  The kitchen serves two meals at each mealtime: one for us and one for the people that work here.  The workers’ meals smell soooo good.  Two nights ago I had a dream about pizza.  Last night I had a similar dream.  I’d kill for something with a little cheese or salt on it.

Having two nights free of ceremonies was great.  I’m back to having positive attitude about the process and I’m looking forward to tonight.
cabin visitor. about 2" long

I hadn’t planned on buying anything for myself, but Damien was wearing one of the medicine bracelets made by Maestro Miguel.  The patterns and colors represent the various plant medicines that we’re taking along with the ayahuasca.  The bracelets are supposed to help your integration with the medicine.  Also the patterns that they embroider in the clothing, tapestries and bracelets are the lyrics to the songs… fascinating stuff.  

Anyway, Damien had one for piñon blanco and I thought it was pretty.  With only two ceremonies left I’m getting a little antsy for results so I decided I’d get one too.  I could never seem to run into Maestro Miguel in his shop, but when I went for my plant medicine the medicine man was selling them too.  So now I’ll be sporting a slick new piñon blanco bracelet at tonight’s ceremony.  I like Damien’s better.  Grass is always greener, I guess.

The smell of mapacho smoke isn’t revolting to me anymore, though I don’t know how long that will last.  I’m bringing a pair of clean socks with me tonight to cover my mouth and nose if I start getting overwhelmed again.

I noticed that the quality of drinking water here fluctuates.  Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it tastes like someone dropped a burnt log in it.  Today was one of the latter.  I found out the difference comes from whether the water was filtered or boiled.  I definitely prefer filtered.

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