Saturday, October 1, 2016

10.02.16 DAY 9

While laying in bed I noticed my sheets were getting a little ripe, so I went for a clean set and a fresh towel.  At breakfast I chatted with Joel about industrial music, movies, and other fun topics like the local practice of eating toucan, parrot, monkey, and alligator.  Joe even chimed in some.  Earlier this morning I heard all the new people taking the vomitivo.  I felt kind of sorry for them.  

I finally found a stick that would serve as a bo, except it was a bit long and had nails in it.  I went looking for Cvita, who I thought I saw go into the art maloka, but she found me and asked why I was carrying a stick.  I told her why and that I needed some tools and she got me some.  I cut the stick to length and removed the nails. Now I’m in business!  I trained with it for about half an hour, until I was worn out.  It’s bigger around and considerably heavier than a proper bo, but it’ll do.

After training I went to hydrate, which I’m paying closer attention to.  I drank about 2.5 glasses and started feeling sick, so I went to lay down for a while.  It seems I can’t eat or drink anything without feeling ill.  My appetite is really diminished anyway. So is my sex drive.  A gorgeous woman from London showed up today named Christina, and I was able to admire her beauty without any even remote sexual thoughts or feelings.  It was interesting and unusual for me.  It was like, “wow, she’s pretty… Oooh! We have chicken today!”

I wandered around some more this afternoon to take photos and I found the garden area where they grow all the plant medicines.  I also wandered into the nearby village.  On my way back I found some of the original, now unused cabins.  They were very secluded and a little creepy for some reason.

more mushrooms

the tree after which the center was named

the medicine I was on

more mushrooms


the infamous Toe...

the village

the village


The sign for Nihue Rao

old cabins

only about 1"

Dinner was the usual and afterwards we gathered in the lounge to watch Kung Fu Panda 3.  While they were getting it ready I texted with Toni for a while, which was nice.  The movie was fine, but I was kind of tired, so I slept through the end.

All in all a nice, much needed, easy day.  Tomorrow we get back to it, and I plan on drinking more.  Hopefully we break some ground.

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